Monday, April 2, 2007

Emoblopedia: Fertility Treatments

Welcome to the fertility treatments page of the emoblopedia, a catch-all category for all medications and forms of assisted conception--from Clomid to IVF with ICSI. Some of the entries below are written by men and women who have just started fertility treatments. Other entries are written by those who are into their seventh IVF cycle. We hope that you find reading these blog entries helpful and they bring you a modicum of emotional comfort. They may help you find words to express how you are feeling or show you the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have your own blog and would like to contribute to the emoblopedia, submit all links to entries to Melissa at

The first time you took Clomid
The dreaded HSG
Fears about starting fertility treatments
Excitement about starting fertility treatments
A mix of emotions about starting fertility treatments
Deciding to proceed with IUI
Deciding to proceed with IVF
Choosing a new RE
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Injection classes
The first injection
Emotions after a first failed cycle after starting treatments
GBLT experiences with clinics
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Good interactions with the RE or clinic
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Terrible interactions with the RE or clinic
Coming to terms with treatment not working
When enough is enough
Deciding to move on from treatment
Hope management during a cycle
Going into another cycle after a failed cycle
Becoming a treatment veteran
Waiting to start treatments
Treatment stories
Emotions of cancelled cycles

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Renee said...

FIrst and Only IVF Attempt and Loss

I'm sitting here, unable to sleep for nearly 48 hours now- I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 10, but it will only confirm what I already know- I lost all three embryos and there won't be another chance for a number of reasons...we had 15 eggs retrieved, 10 fertilized, 5 survived to day 3, they implanted 3 of the 5 and were going to freeze the other two once they hit the blastocyte stage (today) but they also "died."

Last night I began bleeding and it has gone on and off all day, not steadily bleeding, but expelling in first, the doctor said not to worry, but as the day went on, he phoned me and said he feels just as badly as me (I believe he feels bad, but he can't possibly begin to feel what I am- I can't believe it- they were just embryos, right?) My doctor also said that he will confirm tomorrow that the bleeding is from the uterus and not from my injection site- he said it was really early to be bleeding so quickly, but I already know why I'm bleeding...I am surprised at the pain that I've been feeling- in my heart, not my body...I thought I'd be OK either way- we said that it would be "God's will," whether the baby(ies) implanted or not, but my heart is breaking and I don't know how to get past it...thanks for listening...Renee