Monday, April 2, 2007

Emobloictionary: A Glossary of Made-up Words

Infertourettes: the inability to stop yourself from blurting out information about your own infertility when speaking with others (from this post on The Vicious Cycle of Cycles).

Parent Poseur: those couples who take unecessary actions to remind everyone of their parenthood whenever possible, like ordering a babyccino for their nine-month-old son (from this post on Infertile Fantasies).

P-Bomb: the pregnancy announcement that falls out of the clear blue sky and blows you away (from this post on This is NOT What I Ordered and from Elizabeth at The I Word).

Preganoid: the feeling that everyone around you is pregnant or about to become pregnant (or has impregnated someone or is about to, if male) (from Elizabeth at The I Word).

PregnaDonna: a pregnant woman who keeps reminding you she's pregnant so you can arrange for the universe to revolve around her unecessarily (from this post on Infertility Fantasies).

That Friend: the opposite of a STAR--Someone who has only the best of good intentions, but nevertheless makes you want to tell them to go to hell (from this post on Infertile Fantasies).

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