Monday, April 2, 2007

Submission Format

In order to ensure quality and deter Internet abuse, the emoblopedia is entered by hand. It usually takes a few days for links to be entered in the emoblopedia. I always send back a note when the links have been added. You can help speed up the process by using the format below when sending your links.

Topic Name
Category Name
Title (URL)
Name of Blog (URL)

Obviously, it also helps greatly if you group together all of the links that are to be placed under the same topic (for example, all adoption links together or all general infertility links together). It also helps if you place a star next to any new category name (for instance, if you are creating a new category and sending a first link for the category, place an asterik next to the category name).


General Infertility
Friendships and Infertility
Sensitivity Chips and Salsa (
Stirrup Queens (

If you have any questions about the emoblopedia or submitting links, please send them to

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